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for Rare and Beautiful Lichtenberg Figures!
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6" x 6" x 3/4" Figures, with Polished Square Edges

These larger specimens were carefully irradiated and then discharged on either an edge or in the center to create beautiful discharge regions.  Some specimens spontaneously discharged during irradiation, resulting in the formation of very unique chaotic or bushy/dendritic patterns. Some specimens also show some milkiness or yellow-green fluorescence due to the effects of being intensely irradiated by the electron beam. Although all Lichtenberg Figures vary significantly from piece to piece, we guarantee that you will be satisfied. For best display results, specimens should be placed on top of a black background (felt or velvet) or edge-illuminated by bright light (such as white or colored LED's). We suggest using the DK60x75W (white LED's) or DK60x75B ("electric blue" LED's ) walnut light base below for best results or our sleek black brushed aluminum light base, GSB1906L, with cool white LED's. All bases can be powered from North American/US, UK, EC, or Australian power adapters.


Beveled Center
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DK60x75 Series Light BaseBlack Brushed Aluminum Light Bases
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Beveled Edge
(Click above for larger image)
Interior Dendritic Tree 
in natural light. Most interior dendritic specimens have discharge root closer to the center of the sculpture.
Lighted Base Options
Our custom natural finish walnut and black anodized brushed aluminum light bases that securely hold and illuminate your sculpture. These bases enhance the beauty and exquisite detail of our Style 07 and Style 10  sculptures.  Internally-reflected light bathes the entire sculpture, causing it to glow brightly from within. Larger discharge paths sparkle in almost crystalline fashion while even the most delicate, hair-like discharge tips are clearly visible. 
Lighter Density
Edge Dendritic Tree,
shown in natural light

(Sorry - out of stock)

Mixed Chaotic and Dendritic discharge in DK60x75W light base

Mixed Chaotic and Dendritic

All of our custom walnut bases are professionally handcrafted by master woodworker Dale Kern, and are available with cool white, natural white, or "electric blue" LED's. An area up to 1.25" x 6" wide area is available on the top surface, or 5" x 3/4" area on the front of the base shown in the pane to the left, for mounting a custom plaque to personalize the base or convert it to an award.

Our GSB Series black anodized brushed aluminum light bases provide a modern and elegant lighting option. This base is available with cool white LED's, and works great in brighter room or office lighting conditions.  

Standard 120/240 volt AC adapters are normally supplied, but optional 240 volt universal adapters for EC, UK, or Australian power are also available at no extra charge for our international customers.

Custom walnut bases can be purchased in Gallery 1 as can the GSB1906L black anodized brushed  aluminum base.

Interior Discharge figure
(Click above for larger image)

Mixed Chaotic and Dense Dendritic Discharge sculptures that may originate on one or more edges or interior points.  Because these have self-discharged while being irradiated, the main paths are charred near the exit point(s). However, this virtually disappears when the sculpture is illuminated by one of our LED light bases.  These are among some of the most densely complex and fascinating of all our discharge patterns. 

Typical Interior Dendritic figure edge-lit
  by a combination of white and blue LED's

Edge Tree in DK60x75B Light Base
(Click above for larger image)

Edge Debdritic Tree in Dk60x75W Light Base
(Click above for larger image)

Laser-Engraving Available
(Click above to see selections)
Typical Edge Dendritic Tree
in DK60X75B "Electric Blue" light
base in subdued ambient light
Typical Edge Dendritic Tree in
DK60X75W White LED Light Base
in bright ambient light
Custom Laser Engraving Also Available
Engraving typically adds $30 - $50 and one-week.


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