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Style 07 - 6" x 6" x 3/4" Mixed Dendritic/Chaotic Figures with Polished Square Edges
We made a batch of these complex sculptures during our November 2014 Lichtenberg Run. Most of these sculptures self-discharged, or were intentionally pre-punched to discharge while they were being irradiated in order to create complex discharge structures.  Most are a unique combination of dendritic, bushy dendritic, and/or chaotic discharge patterns. While not as "symmetric" as our standard dendritic specimens, they actually show some of the most fascinating and complex discharge patterns we offer. For best display results, specimens should be placed on top of a black felt or velvet background or edge-illuminated by bright light (such as white or colored LED's). The higher-than-normal charging current created some charring along the main discharge paths. However, this virtually disappears when the sculpture is illuminated by one of our walnut or black aluminum lighted bases. Some specimens may also show some radiation fogging from the higher electron and X-ray dose or variations in the acrylic blend. The larger fractures cause the heavier discharge paths to sparkle with an almost crystalline appearance. We suggest using one of our walnut bases, such as the DK60x75W (with cool-white or natural-white LED's) or DK60x75B (with "electric blue" LED's), or the GSB1906L 6" x 0.75"  black anodized aluminum light base with cool-white LED's. Bases are not included and must be ordered separately. The following sculptures are one-of-a-kind, and once they're gone, they're gone for good!
Please Note: These experimental specimens cannot be laser engraved.

Specimen 1040 Specimen 1041 Specimen 1042
Specimen 1040, $100
Sorry - Sold!
Specimen 1041
Sorry - Sold!
Specimen 1042
Sorry - sold!
Specimen 1043 Specimen 1044 Specimen 1045
Specimen 1043
Sorry - Sold!
Specimen 1044, $100
Sorry - Sold!
Specimen 1045
Sorry - sold!
Specimen 1046 Specimen 1047 Specimen 1048
Specimen 1046
Sorry - sold!
Specimen 1047
Sorry - sold!
Specimen 1048, $100
Sorry - sold!
Specimen 1049 Specimen 1050 Specimen 1051
Specimen 1049, $100
Sorry Sold!
Specimen 1050, $100 
Specimen 1051
Sorry - sold!
Specimen 1052 Specimen 1053 Specimen 1054
Specimen 1052
Sorry - sold!
Specimen 1053
Sorry - sold!
Specimen 1054
Sorry - sold!
Specimen 1055 Specimen 1056
Specimen 1055
Sorry - sold!
Specimen 1056, $100
Sorry - sold!


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