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Style 53 - 2" Diameter x 6" Cylinders
 with internal 3D Cylindrical Discharges

These cylindrical specimens were carefully cut and polished, and some were rotated while being irradiated to create an internal cylindrical dendritic tree, while others were passed through the beam twice to form two crescent-shaped charge zones.  The cylindrical shape of the acrylic magnifies the internal discharge patterns so that, when illuminated from below using a color changing light base, the internal figures sparkle and glow magnificently and appear larger than life. Most sculptures have hollow cylindrical discharges, A few may have two crescent shaped zones (similar to style 13A). And a few have self-discharged, creating a mix of chaotic and dendritic patterns.  These specimens look stunning with our BD753MC matte black, or CR35MC crystal multicolor base, or our ROT45MC multicolor rotary light bases. They they also work nicely with natural-white LED bases such as our LM2690 or LM2692.  Although the fractal patterns may vary from sculpture to sculpture, your satisfaction is always guaranteed.

Style 53 2" x 6" Cylinder on BD752MC Base

\(Click above for larger image)

Style 53 on CR35MC Multicolor Light Base

(Click above for larger image)

End view showing cylindrical discharge region

(Click above for larger image)

Style 53 Captured Lightning cylinder showing
typical cylindrical dendritic discharge patterns on BD752MC
  light base (discontinued). The BD985MC or
BD753MC bases will work well instead.
Style 53 Captured Lightning cylinder on CR35MC
crystal multicolor light base.
View from the top of a rotated sculpture showing the hollow cylindrical dendritic discharge structure. Discharges near the base exit at the center at the opposite end of the sculpture. A few specimens have two crescent-shaped discharge zones instead.

Style 53 Lightning Cylinder on CR35MC Multicolor Base

(Click above for larger image)

Style 53 Captured Lightning Cylinder, Natural Lighting

(Click above for larger image)

Style 53 on LM2690 Rosewood Base with White LED's

(Click above for larger image)
Style 53 Captured Lightning Cylinder on
CR35MC multicolor crystal light base. 
  Style 53 Captured Lightning cylinder with cylindrical dendritic discharge shown in natural light. Style 53 Captured Lightning Cylinder with cylindrical dendritic discharge on LM2690 rosewood light base with white LED's

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