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Stoneridge Engineering is THE Source
for Rare and Beautiful Lichtenberg Figures!
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Style 19 - 12" x 12" x 1" Museum-Quality
Specimens - now available in Standard, Masked 2D, and our
incredible Masked 3D sculptures with two linked charge layers
These sculptures are available in three major categories: Standard ($499), Masked 2D ($549), and Masked 3D ($649). All were carefully irradiated and manually discharged along one edge or near the center. On masked specimens, we used a variety of lead masks to selectively control the location and shape of discharge zones. By combining two sets of precision masks and passing the specimen through the electron beam two times, we can create incredible 3D effects that reflect the current state of the art in Captured Lightning sculptures.

Branching discharges virtually fill the entire area of our standard sculptures. Masked specimens have only certain regions where discharges are allowed. All of our Style 19 sculptures are of museum quality and are intended for the discriminating collector. These are some of the very finest large Lichtenberg Figures in the world, and you'll only find them offered by Stoneridge Engineering.

We believe that this is the first time that figures of this size have turned out so stunningly beautiful. The only other publicly viewable specimen of this size resides at the Oak Ridge Associated Universities' Health Physics Historical Instrumentation Museum Collection. The beauty and symmetry of our large specimens is a tribute to the knowledge and hard-won experience of the physicists and engineers who are part of our Lichtenberg Figures team: Bill Hathaway and Kim Goins of GCL Laboratories, Todd Johnson of Fermi National Laboratory, and Bert Hickman of Stoneridge Engineering.

e recommend mounting and displaying these specimens using our custom solid walnut light bases.  These are designed with a velvet-lined cavity that gently, but firmly, cradles your sculpture in a vertical position while simultaneously bathing it with light from an array of Light Emitting Diodes (LED's). These bases are available with white, "electric blue", or in a couple of versions of multicolor color-changing LED's. The price per standard Style 19 sculpture is $499. Style 19 Masked 2D sculptures are $549, and Masked 3D specimens are $599. Domestic S&H via Priority Mail is $30.00. Light bases are $168 (for white or "electric blue" LED's), $198 for multicolor/color-changing, or $250 for a remotely-controlled multicolor base. Bases and sculptures should ideally be purchased at the same time to insure a snug fit between the two. 

Standard Style 19 sculptures currently available

Masked 2D and Masked 3D sculptures currently available

Also check out our huge Style 38 (12 x 16 x 1 inch) sculptures!


12 x 12 Inch specimen being discharged

A 12 x 12" x 1" specimen as it's being discharged. Prior to discharging, the internal charge plane had a potential of over 2.2 million volts. The peak current during the discharge is estimated to be in the range of 1500 to 3900 amperes. Note the fainter discharges playing across the surface of the specimen, especially near the discharge point. These surface discharges are neutralizing the positive charge layer that has accumulated on the surface of this highly charged specimen.

12" x 12" Medium Resolution

(Click on the above image for a higher resolution image).
Note: reflections of scene background can be seen in the above image

12" x 12" specimen, view 2

(Click on the above image for a higher resolution image)
Note: reflections of scene background can be seen in the above image

Interior Discharge in white light base
(Click on the above image for a high resolution image - 2.9 MB)
We also have a few specimens with unique interior dendritic discharges. Uniquely
different from the more "classic" edge dendritic specimens. Shown in DK120x100W
walnut light base with warm white LED's.

12" x 12" Diagonal Discharge
(Click on the above image for a high resolution image - 3.2 MB)
We also have a few specimens with diagonal dendritic discharges. Another unique
discharge structure. Shown in DK120x100B walnut light base with electric blue LED's.

Laser inscriptions available
(Click on the above image for a high resolution image - 3 MB)
We can also provide custom laser etching to the specimen itself or provide
a printed metal plaque to create a treasured, and very unique, gift or award.

12" Specimen in DK12x100MC Lighted Base

  We offer custom walnut light bases for these specimens
Click on the above image for more information on custom DK12x100 series of lighted bases
The above picture is shows the "electric blue" LED option. Bases are available in warm
white, electric blue, and multicolor color-changing options.

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