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Stoneridge Engineering LLC is THE Source
for Rare and Beautiful Lichtenberg Figures!
(Page updated 02/24/15)

  Custom Bases for our 12" wide x 1" Thick Specimens 
Works with Style 19 (12" x 12") and Style 38 (12" x 16")

Stoneridge Engineering LLC offers  beautifully hand crafted solid walnut bases with bright white, "electric blue", and multicolor color changing LED's. Bases have a velvet-lined cavity that gently but securely holds your specimen while brightly illuminating it from below with cool-running LED's. The internal fractures of the Lichtenberg figure sparkle and glow throughout the specimen. Bases are available with various lighting options - Bright White and Electric Blue LED's, multicolor color changing bases that slowly cycle through various colors about every 15 seconds, or a controllable multicolor base that comes with a hand held infrared controller to permit selecting various colors or various color changing options.  Universla 120/240 volt AC adapters are provided for US power and, with a suitable adapter (provided upon request), UK, Europlug, Shuko (most Europe), and Australian power. 
DK120x100W - Walnut base with Bright White LED's and AC power adapter
DK120x100B - Walnut base with "Electric Blue" LED's and AC power adapter
DK120x100MC - Walnut base with Multicolor Color Changing LED's and AC power adapter
DK120x100RGB1 - Walnut base with Controllable Multicolor LED's, Remote IR Controller, and AC Adapter

Style 19 Lichtenberg Figures in DK120x100W or DK120x100B walnut light bases

White Blue Base and AC Adapter
Bright White LED's
Model DK120x100W Light Base
"Electric Blue" LED's
Model DK120x100B Light Base
Walnut Base with clear satin finish
Approximately 14" x 5" x 1" 
AC adapter is included for US or EC power

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