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Stoneridge Engineering LLC is THE Source
for Rare and Beautiful Lichtenberg Figures!
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6" x 8" x 3/4" figures with polished edges

Each of these spectacular specimens have been carefully irradiated and discharged on either an edge or in the interior to create beautiful sculptures.  Some specimens "self-discharged" while being irradiated. This created beautifully chaotic, mixed chaotic and dendritic or "bushy/dense" dendritic patterns. Although the individual patterns vary significantly from piece to piece, we guarantee that you will be satisfied with yours.  These specimens are incredibly beautiful when illuminated from below by our custom walnut or black anodized brushed aluminum light bases. Self-discharged specimens may have some light caramel-colored charring along the main discharge paths. However, this disappears when the sculpture is illuminated in its base. Natural walnut bases have a professional satin finish, available with cool white, natural white, or "electric blue" LED's. A 1.25" wide area is available for mounting an engraved plaque to convert your sculpture into a personalized award or gift that will be treasured forever.  Aluminum bases are only available with Cool White LED's.  We can also provide custom laser-engraving with your message and logo on the surface of your sculpture.

Vertical Tree
(Click above for larger image)

Center Treematching

(Click above for larger image)
Horizontal Tree

(Click above for larger image)
Vertical Dendritic Discharge Tree
Use with 6" wide walnut light base

Interior Dendritic Discharge Tree
Use with 6" or 8" wide walnut
light base
(Sorry - out of stock)

Horizontal Discharge Tree
Use with 8" wide walnut light base
(Only one left)

Horizontal Tree, Bushy

(Click above for larger image)

DK60x75B custom walnut light base
(Click above for larger image)

Horizontal Tree, Bushy

(Click above for larger image)
Horizontal Edge Discharge Tree, bushy & dendritic
Use with 8" wide (DK80x75W/B) light base

Our custom walnut light bases are professionally handcrafted by master woodworker Dale Kern. These bases are designed to fully bring out the incredible inner beauty of  our Captured Lightning sculptures.  Internally reflected light bathes the entire figure, causing it to glow brilliantly. The larger discharge paths sparkle in almost crystalline fashion, and even the most finest, hair-like discharge tips are made clearly visible.  Available with cool white, natural white, or "electric blue" LED's.

Universal 120/240 volt power adapters are normally supplied, but
for EC, UK, and Australian power can be provided at no extra charge. Bases can be purchased along with matching Captured Lightning sculptures on our Gallery 1Gallery 2, and Factory 2nd's pages.
Chaotic (discharge point may be located anywhere)
Use with either 6" or 8" wide light base

Vertical Tree in Custom DK60X75 Base
(Click above for larger image)

Center Discharge in Custom DK60X75B  Walnut Base
(Click above for larger image)

Complex Chaotic and Dendritic Specimen in Custome DK60X75 Base
(Click above for larger image)
Vertical Dendritic Tree
(in DK60x75W base)

A space of up to 1.25" x 6" is available to permit adding an engraved plaque to create a truly unique retirement gift or corporate award. 

Interior Discharge
(in DK60x75B base)
  Sorry - out of stock
The "electric blue" LED's makes the sculpture appear more spark-like.  This beautiful walnut base is suitable for environments having a lower level of ambient light. Select the DK60x75W or DK80x75W if you have an environment with higher ambient light (such as office lighting).

6" and 8" wide bases can support vertical or horizontal display of your sculpture. The 6" wide walnut base is $78.00 plus $7 S&Hm and the 8" wide base is $96.00 plus $8 S&H.

These bases can be purchased from our Gallery 1 Lichtenberg Figures page.
Combination of Chaotic and Dendritic  Discharge
(in DK60x75W base)

Note: This particular specimen was on exhibit at the Design Museum (Museum fur Gestaltung) in Zurich, Switzerland during the Spring and Summer of 2005. The exhibit, about Dendritic Forms In Science, included fractals, Lichtenberg Figures, and a number of dielectric breakdown photographs by scientist Arthur von Hippel.

Note the similarity of the above discharge structure to the million volt Lichtenberg Figures dancing on the surface of the water from the Sandia Z-Machine:
Z-Machine Discharge

Chaotic and Dendritic Combo
(Click above for larger image)

Dendritic Interior Discharge
(Click above for larger image)

Combination Chaotic and Dendritic
(Click above for larger image)
Mixed Chaotic and Dendritic Discharges
Shown in DK60x75 Base, Natural White LED's
(Typical Example) 
Dense Dendritic Discharges
Shown in DK60x75B light base with Blue LED's.
Discharge(s) may be located within interior or edge(s), May
also contain a mixture of dendritic and chaotic discharges
(Typical Example)
Mixed Chaotic and Dendritic Discharges
Shown in DK60x75 Base, Ntral White LED's
(Typical Example)

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