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Tesla, a Prolific Humanitarian and  Inventor
Updated 12/30/08

Nikola Tesla
1856 - 1943

Some of Tesla's More Notable Inventions:
  • Practial Radio (he first demonstrated an apparatus for radio transmission and reception in 1893 during a lecture presentation in St. Louis before the National Electric Light Association). This was fully 11 years before Marconi’s first wireless patent. The US Supreme Court finally ruled in Tesla’s favor (posthumously) in “Tesla v. Marconi”, Case 369, in June, 1944
  • Tesla invented Polyphase electric power - all present day polyphase systems stem from Tesla's genius!
  • Niagara Falls was the site of the world's first commercial three-phase AC power plant; the nameplates on the massive generators bore the name of Tesla. It transmitted AC power to Buffalo, NY. It was Tesla who set the 60 Hz standard for North America while working for Westinghouse.
  • Tesla invented brushless synchronous and induction motors. All present-day induction motors trace back to Tesla.
  • Tesla bladeless turbine and pump
  • Wireless electric power transmission concepts
  • Wireless Remote Control (Tesla demonstrated a wireless controlled boat 1898!)
  • Disinfectant Treatment of Water with Ozone
  • Fluorescent Lighting (Tesla lit his lab with these 40 years before they became commercially available!)
  • Synchronous electromechanical rectification of high voltages
  • Gas-Tube rectification and rectification via corona discharge (foundation of Xerography)
  • X-Rays (3 Years before Roentgen re-discovered them!)
Nikola Tesla was granted 221 Patents
worldwide, including 113 US Patents

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