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Updated 3/20/14

There are a host of dangers associated with Tesla coiling, high voltage, and high energy/pulsed power systems. Capacitors sometimes explode with no warning, spewing hot oil and capacitor innards all over you and your lab. High voltages can rapidly create irritating, or even toxic, levels of ozone and poisonous oxides of nitrogen. Arcs and spark gaps can generate dangerous levels of ultraviolet light, and high-energy spark discharges can create an Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) that can disrupt, or even permanently damage nearby solid state equipment. Spark discharges, especially from high-energy capacitors, create shock waves that can permanently damage hearing in unprotected ears. 

High power discharges can also cause wire or component fragmentation, and pulsed magnetic fields can even erase nearby credit cards. High energy systems can even cause fragmentation of the experimenter if he's not careful! Never experiment alone, and provide training to nearby folks on how to safely "kill" power.  

If you are considering building your own Tesla Coil, please read the Tesla List Safety Sheet BEFORE building your first system. This can be found on Chip Atkinson's excellent Tesla Coil Builders site (the hosting site for the Tesla Coil Builder Mailing List). A more up to date Safety FAQ can also be found our mirror of Terry Fritz's old "Hot-Streamer" web site. 

Some Candid Shots taken in Stoneridge
Engineering LLC's Research Labs...

Another successful "shot" in the Pulsed Power Lab!  


Our mascot...

Our mascot, "Thang", is always
eager to chew the fat with
new lab visitors!

Stoneridge Engineering LLC excels at 
innovative power monitoring...

Ruhmkorff Coil
Just one more little tweak...
We're on the verge of beating
Ruhmkorff's spark length record!

Spark Gap

Setting up for another delicate
high voltage measurement...

Big Lamp

Our maintenance man really hates
replacing those lab ceiling lights!

Power Transformer
...and THIS needs to
be moved over THERE

Capacitor Bank
Readying our new 2 MJ capacitor bank.
Shrunken coins worked well... next step is

squishing school buses into minivans!

Org Chart
Stoneridge Engineering LLC's
Official Organization Chart

Diathermy I Dare Ya!
Bert's version of a Hot Toddy
after a hard day's work in the lab...
(Why is all the GOOD stuff heavy?)
Our High Voltage engineers
just  love to kid around...


"Going where no man has gone before"... our
company physician preparing to test our
  prototype pulsed-power prostate probe...

We use clear warning notices on dangerous equipment.
And, all of our equipment is dangerous...
Time to wax the ole' bushing again...

Mobile Phone
Bug Grin
We excel at innovative mobile
communications solutions
Our Aetheric Matter Transporter
needs a bit more debugging...

Computing Section
Einstein's Cat
Stoneridge Engineering LLC excels at data entry
and advanced computer simulations
Everyone does silly things sometimes...
we just do them more often!

Our shipping department proudly uses Quantum Express:

"When you absolutely, positively, don't know
where it's going or when it needs to be there"

Under Construction

Smoked Bert

Remember... ALWAYS play safely!! 

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