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Mendocino Motor Plans, Kits, and Completed Motors
Updated 07/11/23

Mendocino Motors!

Mendocino Motor

Here's what it looks like when energized from a desk lamp:

These are available only from Tom Vales, veteran Tesla Coil Builder

What it is and how it works:

The Mendocino motor is a solar powered, self-commutated, magnetically levitated electric motor.

The motor base consists of five sets of magnets. Four of the magnets are levitation magnets which provide levitation force against the shaft magnets. The fifth magnet is a field magnet which provides the magnetic field for the rotor. The back plate uses a piece of mirrored glass as a bearing plate.

The rotor consists of a shaft with a point on one end, magnets and rotor block. On the rotor block, there are four solar cells; one cell on each of the four sides and two sets of windings.

How it works. The rotor is levitated by the repelling force between the shaft magnets and the levitation magnets on the base. The levitation magnet also provides a forward thrust to keep the shaft point against the bearing plate. When the light strikes one of the solar cells, it generates an electric current thus energizing one of the rotor windings. This produce an electromagnetic field which interacts with the field magnets in the base, causing the rotor to turn. As the rotor rotates, the next solar cell comes in position, This cell now energizes the second winding. The process repeats again. The motor will run indefinitely as long as sufficient light is provided! 

Buy a set of plans, plans and a parts kit, or a completely assembled functioning motor - it's your choice! Within the US, complete motors and motor kits are sent via insured Priority Mail, and plans (only) are sent via USPS Ground Advantage. S&H depends on where you live and the size of your order, and Tom will provide you with a quote after you contact him. 

Send any questions or orders directly to Tom:

Tom Vales
PO Box 141
Stow, Massachusetts  (MA) 01775

And, be sure to tell him that I sent you!

Plans Book $15.00 (plus S&H)
Plans Book and Parts Kit $75.00 (plus S&H)
Complete Functioning Motor $125.00 (plus S&H)

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