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High Voltage "Stuff"

HV Lineman

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Over the years, I've accumulated lots of interesting High Voltage "Stuff". So much, in fact, that I need to get rid of some of the excess (to make room for other good stuff!). Over the next year or two I plan to offer some of this to interested Tesla Coil builders and High Voltage enthusiasts.  If you have specific needs, please e-mail me.

By buying these items you acknowledge that you are at least 21 years of age and have appropriate training and experience regarding the hazards associated with the use of high voltage and energy discharge capacitors. You agree that you are fully aware of the dangers of working with these types of components and the equipment they may be used in. Upon purchase, you assume all responsibilities and liabilities of ownership and use, including any and all injuries, including death, and any property damage that may result from proper or improper use. I make no warranties for suitability of use for any particular purpose. These item(s) are offered as being functional "as is" with no expressed or implied warranty whatsoever.

NOTE: All buyers MUST be at least 21 years of age!

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