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Our Newest Addition to the Stoneridge Engineering Team:
Name: Sprinkles Marie Hickman - RIP

Occupation: Cairn Terrier, Added on March 11, 2006
Responsibilities: Companion for Rafferty and
Additional Employee Morale
Adopted through the kind folks from
Col. Potter Cairn Rescue Network

Sprinkles suffered a sudden aortic clot and passed away peacefully on
December 17th, 2010 as Sandy and I comforted her. We treasure the
brief time we had with this sweet little dog. She was loved dearly and
will be remembered.
(Updated 12/17/10)

Who is Sprinkles??

Sprinkles Portrait
Sprinkles is a 5 1/2 year old female Cairn Terrier. She was previously a breeder dog at a puppy mill in Tennessee, and her birthday is May 14th. Thanks to the great folks at Col. Potter Cairn Rescue Network and her very loving Foster mom (Karen in Yuma, Arizona), Sprinkles began learning how to be a free and happy little dog. Sprinkles didn't have any toys when she was in the puppy mill, so she's only now learning how to play. We're sure that Rafferty will help "show her the ropes". We feel extremely fortunate and blessed to be able to adopt this sweet little girl and provide her with her forever home. She and Rafferty are now the best of friends and they love to play together in the house and back yard.

Sprinkles' portrait (a BIG thanks to Kathy Rudy)

Arriving at O'Hare
Meeting her new mom...
Meeting her new Mom

Sprinkles arrives at O'Hare Airport
Sprinkles meets her new mom
Sandy coaxing Sprinkles out of her crate
Meeting in Neutral Territory
Rafferty and Sprinkles
More introductions...
Sprinkles meets Rafferty in neutral territory
Getting to know each other better...
You smell sorta' familiar...
Dog Kisses
Familiar Blanket
Oh - Hi!
Dog Kisses!
Hmm, this blanket smells familiar - hey, it's mine! Oh - Hi there!
Sweet Lil' Sprinkles
Let's Play!
Play Bouncing!
Getting familiar with the new digs I Let's Play!
 I'm the Alpha Dog (at least for today!)

Rafferty, play bouncing!
and here's the hallway... Relaxing Sprinkles Bottle
And, here's our hallway, Sprinkles! Now that you know your way around, I can relax! Sprinkles loves to crunch on plastic water bottles!
Waiting for the trash man...
Relaxed on Couch
Rafferty tells Sprinkles all about garbage trucks
And we can share this couch!
Ms. Squirrel waiting for peanuts
Sprinkles Sees Ms. Squirrel!
Gotta' get squirrel!
Can dogs climb trees?
Sprinkles discovers Ms. Squirrel...
Can dogs climb trees?
Maybe we can jump up and get her!

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