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We just lost a key member of the Stoneridge Engineering Team:
  Rafferty Ray Hickman

Oct. 11, 2004 - Jan 8, 2022
Occupation: Cairn Terrier
Responsibility: Employee Morale

9 weeks old, 3 lb 4 oz.:
Merry Christmas, 2004

Bandanna Dog
Carrier and Rafferty
Sandy and Raferty

Rafferty and his red bandanna
Raffie's first crate
Rafferty and Sandy
Sandy and Rafferty
Sandy and Rafferty
Sandy and Rafferty

Rafferty and Sandy

14 weeks old, 6 lb 12 oz:

Raffie and Shoe
Raffie and Outgrown Crate
Raffie and Nubbie Ball
Busy attacking Bert's shoe
Uh Oh... my crate's shrinking!
C'mon guys - let's play!
I Dare you to take it!
Raffie and Deflated Ball
Sometimes ya' just gotta' scratch
I Ok... I DARE you to take it!
Raffie conquers & deflates Sandy's Exercise Ball!

28 wks old, 16 lb 8 oz:
Big dog...
Wanna' Play??
Raffie and Cuz Toy
I'm a BIG dog now! I even lift my leg...
Hey... Ya' wanna' play?? Raffie and his favorite Cuz Squeek Toy
Happy Dog
Did you call?
Raffies Special Place
How about a BIG doggie grin?
Hmm... is it time for dinner yet? Raffie's special "dog nest" under the chair...

29 wks old
Rafferty's First Haircut:

Raffie & Cuz
Bandanna dog
Long day...
Where'd all my dark puppy fur go?
Is it chilly in here?
Well. at least they gave me a nice bandanna... It's been a looonng day!

54 wks old
Helping us rake leaves
(Raffie's now a 20 Pound Hound...)

Guerilla Dog
Oh, Hi!
Helping Mom
Guerilla dog in training... Oh... Hi there! Pile 'em higher, Mom!
Shrew Hunter
Raking Leaves
Leaves are fun!
Hmm.. is there a shrew under there? Raking leaves with your nose is hard work!
Boy, leaf piles SURE are a lotta' fun!

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